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Wow, really, Show? If they want me to care about their storylines, how about they not hork all over them and retroactively turn them into jokes? I mean, really, after all of that wangst about Hell and Purgatory, it turns out that anyone can pretty much just waltz in and out, easy peasy. Just find yourself a Reaper whom you can bribe and you're good. John could have been saved a long time ago. Dean could have been saved a long time ago (silly angels, risking so many deaths when they could have just bribed a Reaper!). Dean and Castiel spent a walk in the park in Purgatory for nothing. Those places are cake walks!
And, Death, that all knowing, hard core taskmaster, just lets his Reapers go rogue and doesn't do anything about it. Cause you know, Death is a total pushover and all about messing with the natural order of things.
That was just horrible. I mean, they just screwed over so much of their own canon and retroactively made some of their most compelling storylines fairly silly and pointless because it was easy as pie to get through Hell and Purgatory. And there was no twist, they didn't even try. Everything every poster pretty much figured out as soon as the promo came out.
That was just...pathetic. And man, Team Purgatory. I hope Dean manages to get Benny back out. Frankly, I'm all for Dean going back to Purgatory, period, because hey, at least he had a point there and got to DO something besides ringing his hands over Sam, who STILL hasn't owned up to and apologized to Dean for abandoning him! And don't even get me started on Sam just stranding Benny there without trying to save him. Way to repay someone, Sam.
This was just horrible. Come on. I don't care who these writers are connected to, they should be canned, immediately. First they put a woman of color in a slave color and now they just spit on 7 seasons worth of Show canon.
And Carver should be fired for allowing this to happen. Ugh. Horrible.[/
What the hell was that? Way to totally trash what once was an awesome Purgatory storyline. Thanks for that, Show. Happy to see Bobby's ornery ass hightail it to his heavenly reward but Benny? I thought Carver was going to expand the SPN 'verse, not kill off all the interesting, fan favorite characters. Oh, that's right, Dean can't have anyone else in his life except Sammy. Gotta keep Dean lobotomized and codependent! Cas better keep looking over his shoulder- he might be next.

And it's nice to know the writers have completely given up on keeping track of past canon. I guess it's more fun to just make up new stuff every week.
Какого черта это вообще было? Хорошенький способ полностью разрушить отличную линию Чистилища. Спасибо за это, Шоу. Счастлива видеть, что брюзгливая задница Бобби воспарила к своей небесной награде, но Бенни? Я думала, Карвер собрается расширить вселенную СПН, а не убить всех интересных, любимых фанами персонажей. О, да, верно, Дин же не может иметь больше никого в своей жизни, кроме Сэмми. Надо, чтобы Дин и дальше был таким, словно ему сделали лоботомию, и психологически зависимым! Касу лучше оглядываться через плечо - он может стать следующим.
И мило знать, что сценаристы полностью бросили попытки отслеживать былой канон. Думаю, так веселее - каждую неделю придумывать новую хренотень.